Tesco Pet Insurance Review

If you plan to take out insurance for pets for your dog or cat, consider taking out insurance with Tesco pet insurance. They have affordable prices that offer a wide range of conditions for your precious pet. There is also an online discount of 20% for new customers. There are more than 50 pounds per cat and over 60 pounds per dog, but you can get 10% more pet discounts for any extra pets you put on your insurance policy.

If you have a ClubCard Tesco Club, you will receive a 5% discount. You will also receive a 20% discount in the first year if you book online. Tesco Pet Insurance, Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Plc. It is managed by. The insurance covers all the costs of any treatment your pet needs for around £ 2,500 per condition and also includes £ 500 for any complementary treatment.

The only drawback is that once the maximum limit is reached, it will not be possible to request the policy twice for the same situation. treatment. With Tesco’s Pet Insurance, you can get help in finding an emergency vet if needed, and get advice and support if your pet dies for any reason.

Furthermore, as your pet grows, it does not change your policy and you can pay monthly using your Club card coupons or monthly direct debit. All in all a good deal from a name you can trust.


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