She Made Sure Her Baby Was Safe Then Went Off To Die And They Couldn’t Accept That

What would we not do to make sure our children were safe and loved? This answer is clear for many parents, but would you expect the same thing from a dog?

Helen, a mother dog with unimaginable things, had something she could still live with: her son Oscar. Just like him, Oscar was close to death. Without Viktor Larkhill and his team, Oscar wouldn’t have made it. They found the couple hidden in a ruined building. The rescuers were certain that the mother and her son would escape. But Helen knew they were there to help.

Rescuers promised Helen, Oscar and themselves that they would return to Helen after Oscar was safe. They kept their promises.

As time went by, rescuers returned to him, but his condition deteriorated. He was ready to leave this world. He knew his son was safe, and now it was time to go. Rescuers will not accept it. They wrapped it carefully and had a snack.

But he was so weak, he couldn’t stand it. However, the team picked it up and let him in. They were about to do everything they could to try to save her.

Once at the medical center, the team wrote:

“Helen is now in intensive care. Her condition is as bad as her son, if not the worst. Elena is completely emaciated and dehydrated, barely alive.

His blood was poisoned by Leishmania, Ehrlichia and anaplasm as his son. His kidneys are barely working. Alone, he could never recover. ”

They worked tirelessly to hydrate Helen in the best possible way. But it wasn’t good yet. They brought Oscar, hoping they could help his company.


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