Scientists Confirm That Dogs Can Sense Bad People

If you are a good person, you can decide if you have dogs like you. Science has shown that dogs behave differently against different people. If you find that your dog doesn’t like someone, you may want to hear what that person has to say before becoming a friend.

A study published in Neuroscience and Behavioral Studies shows that dogs know that a person is not beneficial to their owners. This is because dogs say when a person is kind or not, even though they are usually kind to that dog. And, chances are they are probably judging you for your behavior. Then you better be safe.

A striking example in the study is that dogs are more willing to respond to someone who helps someone else than to ignore someone who refuses. This was observed in an experiment in which someone was asked to help open a jar of pickles. The dogs received treatment from the donor but refused to do so by those who did not.

In another study published by the journal Animal Cognition, dogs were first referred to a container containing dog food. Thus, another experimenter directed the dog towards an empty container. The last part of the experiment directed the same experimental point in a container containing this time. The dog ignored the experimenter, proving they could tell if someone was reliable.

German Shepherd

Fortunately, if a dog decides he doesn’t like you, everything won’t disappear. Maybe you did something harmless, like refusing to open a jar for the owners. If you know you’re a well-intentioned person, it’s just a matter of gaining the dog’s trust. Dogs are a bit like that. Sometimes it takes time to develop a meaningful bond.


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