Dog Is Fighting For His Life After He Was Stabbed & Left For Dead By His Owner

A man from La Fenice was arrested for allegedly stabbing his three-year-old dog and then left the scene without medical care for the animal.

The dog’s suspect and owner, 26-year-old Andrian P. Aliguin, told police that the dog was chasing people outside, so he took him to the house where he “stabbed and killed”.

Aliguin suffers charges of crime for the serious crime of cruelty to animals and lack of medical care.

The wounded dog, whose mortal wound to his trachea, rushed to the Arizona Humane Society’s second chance animal hospital with his neck and chest immersed in blood.

X-rays revealed three deep lacerations, one of which had broken the trachea. Fortunately, it is expected to recover by itself. The veterinarians submitted her to antibiotics and analgesics and gave her an “impartial prognosis”.

The blood covered knife was taken from Aliguin’s house. He went to prison, but was later released at his discretion. He will appear again in court on July 25th.
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